CONFIAM: training protocol

Disciplinary Areas and teaching subjects
Confiam schools conform to the subdivision by disciplinary areas even in quantitative terms; the development of the various subjects within each area can slightly differ from school to school.

Musical area (25% of the hours)
Objectives: Acquisition of theoretical/harmonic skills (beyond basic theoretical-musical skills); acquisition of theoretical-conceptual tools to recognize/decode the different cultural expressions of music; developing skills in the use of Orff’s instruments and percussion instruments; developing one’s expressiveness and musical creativity through improvisation and compositive techniques.

  • Musical theory
  • Philosophy of music and/or Music semiology;
  • Ethnomusicology;
  • Psychology of music;
  • Rhythmic and vocal workshops; workshops on electronic and information techniques applied to music.

Music therapeutical area (45% of the hours)
Objectives: acquisition of theoretical, methodological and technical music therapy knowledge.

  • Historical profile;
  • Theoretical principles and scientific assumptions of music therapy (in Italy and abroad);
  • Methodological and technical aspects (observation, design, intervention, evaluation of the results);
  • Experimental workshops aimed at: knowing the operating modes of different music therapy models and in different clinical contexts; development of music therapy technical skills; development of observation and self-observation skills in group contexts.

Psychological area (15% of the hours)
Objectives: acquiring psychological knowledge aimed at observing the human being to understand adaptive or maladaptive behaviors.

  • Elements of general psychology;
  • Psychology of developmental years;
  • Observation and evaluation methodology;
  • Psychological and psychopathological currents of thought and theories;
  • Group dynamics.

Medical Area (15% of the hours)
Objectives: acquisition of knowledge on the major pathologies treated in the music therapy field. Integration strategies of music therapy within multidisciplinary teams.

  • General and Preventive Medicine aspects;
  • Anatomo-Physiology elements;
  • Neurological Clinic elements;
  • Child Neuropsychiatry elements;
  • Adult Psychiatry elements.

The CONFIAM training protocol also contemplates at least three years of coursework and an internship/field experience of 250 hours, including hours of tutoring and supervision.

The total number of hours in CONFIAM schools is 1200 hours, divided between classroom hours (theoretical lectures and experiential workshops, generally totalling about 500 hours in the three-year course), internship/field experience (250 hours) and hours of personal development for exam preparation, drafting protocols of internship experiences, and thesis writing.